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Re: Trying to boot a C360 with graphic console

Jean-Pierre HOFER wrote:
Helge Deller wrote:

Hello Jean-Pierre,

I assume I know what the problem is.

There are at least 4 specifc cards with specifc ROM version which needs patching by the operating system to be supported.

Those cards and ROM codes are:
- Hyperdrive/Hyperbowl (A4071A) graphics card series:
	ID = 0x2BCB015A 0x09A02587 (Version 8.04/8)
	ID = 0x2BCB015A 0x09A02587 (Version 8.04/11)
- Thunder 1 VISUALIZE 48 card:
	ID = 0x2F23E5FC 0x09A02587 (Version 8.05/9)
- Thunder 2 VISUALIZE 48 XP card:
	ID = 0x2F8D570E 0x09A02587 (Version 8.05/12)
Maybe I should add checks to the Linux STI code to detect those cards, report it to the user and avoid any initialization?

For the record:
I just posted a patch to detect and report problematic cards for inclusion into 2.6.27:


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