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Re: kde4libs vs qt4

On Monday 16 June 2008, Helge Deller wrote:
> Hi Sune,
> attached is the latest draft of my patch against qt4-X11.
> It successfully ran both of the tests you mentioned (although I had to
> replace the "load(qttest_p4)" by "CONFIG += qtestlib"):
> > http://chaos.troll.no/~bhughes/qatomicint/
> > http://chaos.troll.no/~bhughes/qatomicpointer/

so far so good.

> Although everything seems good so far, I still ran into a problem where
> I might need your help. Maybe you have seen it already or have an idea?
> The problem is, that during dpkg-buildpackage the build just stops.
> Here is the log:
> ...
> dh_installdirs -plibqtcore4
> /mnt/sdb4/cvs/qt4-3/qt4-x11-4.4.0/bin/lrelease-qt4
> debian/translations/qt_ca.ts \
>                  -qm
> /mnt/sdb4/cvs/qt4-3/qt4-x11-4.4.0/debian/tmp//usr/share/qt4/translations/qt
>_ca.qm Updating
> '/mnt/sdb4/cvs/qt4-3/qt4-x11-4.4.0/debian/tmp//usr/share/qt4/translations/q
> The build hangs when running this program:
> /mnt/sdb4/cvs/qt4-3/qt4-x11-4.4.0/bin/lrelease-qt4
> debian/translations/qt_ca.ts -qm /mnt/sdb4/cvs/qt4-3/qt4-x1
> 1-4.4.0/debian/tmp//usr/share/qt4/translations/qt_ca.qm

> So, it's hanging in my new parisc-specific function "q_atomic_lock()",
> and I found, that the lock was in "Locked" state.
> My question are:
> - Have you seen something similar before? Does another platform maybe
> had similar problems?
> - HPPA/PARISC is specific, which means, that locks are locked when the
> lock-variable is zero, while they are unlocked when it's "-1" (or
> non-zero). For me it seems that this specific lock (I don't even know
> yet which one) has not  been initially initialized with "-1" and as such
> the lock starts in locked-state, which is why the build then hangs from
> the beginning.
> Any ideas?

My best idea right now is 
but that's al I got sofar.


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