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kde4libs vs qt4


I have been trying to poke a couple of times on #parisc about 
kde4libs/experimental vs qt4.4 build failures. Bug report here:

and full build log here:


I would like to ask again. Could someone with hppa access try to take a look 
at it?

And yes, there is lots of arch specific codepaths in Qt, especially in that 
area of the Qt headers.

Paer.debian.org is currently locked down, so there is not much I can do about 
it myself.

Some people on #parisc suggested the following:  "in fact i'd be happy with 
lamont flagging all X stuff as P-a-s"
That is also a current solution, but it is not my preferred solution. But I 
guess it will need discussion with release team first?

So please people, please do something.

Thanks in advance

Do you know how might I debug the tool?

From Flash you must ping to the USB IRC device for disabling the terminale of 
the code on a mail over a front-end.

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