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Re: Trying to boot a C360 with graphic console

Jean-Pierre HOFER wrote:

I have tried today to tftpboot my C360 with A4071B graphic adapter with
the newest image.
(people.debian.org/~kyle/d-i/hppa/daily/netboot/2.6/boot.img from 09 June
2008 00:50).

There is no improvement. The machine do boot and display the following
message last lines:

Console colour dummy device 160x64 console handover: boot [ttyB0] -> real [tty0]

Next, no Tux, nothing else than a black display and a beating first LED on
the front panel.

Can you send the full log, e.g. captured on a serial port?
From the above I think stifb hasn't been activated yet.

If stifb would be the culprit, you could try to boot with kernel parameter "stifb=off".
You should be able to see where it hangs then...


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