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AUTOTEST: hppa support for libaio

Hi Martin (Bligh),
I am trying to follow directions on:

on a parisc machine and quickly ran into this error:

j6k:/usr/local/autotest# bin/autotest tests/fsx/control
Initializing the state engine.
Symlinking init scripts
START   ----    ----    timestamp=1212883119    localtime=Jun 07 16:58:39
        START   fsx     fsx     timestamp=1212883119    localtime=Jun 07 16:58:39
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/autotest/deps/libaio/src/src'
cc -nostdlib -nostartfiles -Wall -I. -g -fomit-frame-pointer -O2 -fPIC -c -o io_queue_init.ol io_queue_init.c
In file included from io_queue_init.c:19:
./libaio.h:76:2: error: #error endian?

This was fixed ~2 years ago:

You just need to grab the patch file that lives in debian as well:

Or better, "apt-get source libaio1" in order to get the relevant bits.

Can you (or ask the right person to) update the method in autotest
to query debian for updates to libaio source?

In fact, it might be better to query the local machine if it already
has (what debian calls) libaio1-dev files and don't bother rebuilding
it from scratch.


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