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Re: Booting a C360 with a graphic console

Helge Deller wrote:
> Which kernel is this?

Jean-Pierre mentioned using a "current image", which can be:
- etch: 2.6.18
- lenny beta 1: 2.6.22
- lenny daily/weekly: 2.6.24 (will also be used in "etch+1/2" release)
> Is this patch included (it's in Linus' tree):

In all cases that patch was almost certainly not included. If all these 
kernel versions are affected, it could be good to point Dann Frazier to 
the patch so he can include them in his stable updates.

Daily built D-I images should switch to 2.6.25 shortly after the upcoming 
D-I Beta 2 release.


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