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Re: Booting a C360 with a graphic console

Jean-Pierre HOFER wrote:
>  2: console=tty0
>  3: sti=10/0/4/0
>  4: sti_font=VGA8x16

Where did those values come from? Were they added by default?
I cannot find anything in the installer that would set them, so if they 
are default they are probably defined in the firware or autodetected by 
the firmware.

I can't help you much further than this (the only hppa box I have 
experience with is headless), except to point to some documentation.
From a quick look at that it seems the value for sti is wrong; it should 
be a single number.

What happens if you just remove the lines 3 and 4?

The relevant docs are:

The first is general info about kernel parameters (look for sti) and 
points to the second file, which is the source code for the driver. It 
has some comment blocks describing the parameters.

Hope that helps,

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