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another new user


just a quick hello and introduction.  my name is Alan and
I am a new HPPA debian user - having used debian (and many
other Linux and BSD distros in the past) I chose to
run Debian on this HPPA system.  I am running 4.0 etch
on an HP  C360 Visualize workstation. 9Gb SCSI, a failed
CDROM drive and 1.5Gb of RAM - CPU at standard 367MHz clock.

so, +1 in the user stats - and yes, i have run popularity
contest too  ;-)

a quick note. I needed to do a network install using BOOTP/TFTP
because of the CDROM failure - the only directly linked, documented
and available on mirrors install boot.img was for sarge (3.0)
which of course didnt work with latest stable install requirement.
I found an etch boot.img via a couple of older mirrors which carried
beta files from june 2007 (?) - any steps becing made to ensure
that etch netboot directory is properly populated on the mirrors?

first question - whats the situation with HPPA/Debian and future -
ie post-etch options...Lenny et al ?


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