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Re: Compilation linux-source-2.6.18

Hello Grant,

Thank you for looking at this.

My build instructions come from the man page for make-kpkg.
(Is that what you meant?)

In other words what I did was:

apt-get linux-source-2.6.14
unpack the archive
make menuconfig
make-kpkg --initrd linux-image

That procedure should be common to all architectures,
but in the previous release hppa was an exception. There
was a  separate package called something like kernel-patch-2.6.8-hppa
which had to be manually applied.
There is no such patch available in the latest release, so I
assumed (until compilation failed) that the hppa-specific stuff
had been incorporated into the standard debian kernel
source package as for the other architectures.

When you say you get the same thing with the
linux-source-2.6.18 tar ball do you mean you tried it with the
standard (non Debian) source code? That is interesting.


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