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Strange FTBFS of gcc-h8300-hms 1:3.4.6-2


I'm maintaining the gcc-h8300-hms package and had another upload of the package
today through my sponsor (I'm not a DD yet). However, unlike 1:3.4.6-1, it FTBFS
which is strange for 3 reasons:
- the differences to 1:3.4.6-1 should not affect the build process at the point
  where it fails
- it fails due to an error in the system headers:
/usr/include/sys/types.h:100: error: two or more data types in declaration specifiers
- while running configure in the subdirectories, the results vary, like:
Configuring in intl
checking for iconv... yes
Configuring in gcc
checking for iconv... no, consider installing GNU libiconv

Is there any way to either get access to some hppa host or obtain the config.log

Thanks a lot,

PS.: I'm not subscribed to debian-hppa, so please keep me on the CC list -

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