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Re: Floppy disk support for 9000 series (715, 755, etc.) workstations.

>>> Matt Taggart <matt@lackof.org> 01/17/07 12:17 PM >>>

> There was a huge industry wide lawsuit regarding floppy drives and
> others) was involved in some sort of class action suit.

Did this lawsuit relate to the PC Floppy or the SCSI floppy?  I have the
712's LASI ERS and it has some info about the PC Floppy disk and it's
WD37C65C FDC.  I was even able to get my hands on a spec for the WD37C65
controller.  So, it looks like some documentation is available for that
particular model.  Unfortunately, this is not the same setup as the
earlier 715s and 755s that I'm dealing with.  They use a HP-proprietary
TEAC SCSI floppy disk, which appears to be an IDE drive with a
SCSI-IO/FDC board piggy-backed on it.  Any idea whether the TEAC drive
is the one that HP won't provide the documents for?

Regardless, the drive works in MKLinux, so hopefully someone knows
something about how it works...


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