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Re: Floppy disk support for 9000 series (715, 755, etc.) workstations.

"James Love" writes...

> Can anyone provide some details about why the TEAC floppy disk drives
> (scsi) in the 9000 series workstations are not supported in the hppa
> port?


There was a huge industry wide lawsuit regarding floppy drives and HP(among 
others) was involved in some sort of class action suit. This meant that 
anything related to floppy drives at HP was gathered up and then HP people 
weren't allowed to touch anything floppy related for fear of further 
complicating the issue. This was occurring at exactly the same time the 
palinux port was getting started, and people decided to ignore the floppy 
drive. Even today I don't think HP would be willing to release specs :(

Matt Taggart

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