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Re: Question from sweden about j6700 linux graphics

On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 01:04:34AM +0100, kmaziz wrote:
>    I have the chans to buy a hpj6700 pretty cheap and before i buy it i have
>    red alot about it everywhere.. But Im getting stuck on this particular
>    thing.

The FX10pro isn't supported and probably won't be (nor will any other of the
FX series of cards) for X11. They do work (slowly) for text console, but that
is it.

The Visualize EG cards do work as a proper fbdev device and will work with X
running on fbdev, but they only support 8bpp (256 colours) and thus, aren't
so great.

If you're expecting to use the machine as a Linux graphics workstation, then
you probably don't want to buy it.

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