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Question from sweden about j6700 linux graphics


I have the chans to buy a hpj6700 pretty cheap and before i buy it i have red alot about it everywhere.. But Im getting stuck on this particular thing.

"What about XFree and FX graphic cards?
 FX Graphic adapters are not (and will probably never be) supported as
 framebuffer devices, and don't have specific XFree drivers. That is to
 say these cards can only be used through STI Console. Hence, you can't
 use XFree with any FX card. "(
linux.org/faq/index.html#buildkernel )

"For PCI, only Vis-EG cards (8-bit color) are supported. The FX/2,
FX/4, FX/6, FX/E, FX/5 and FX/10 PCI cards are not (yet) supported.
All other HP graphics cards are supported."(

And http://www.openpa.net/systems/duet.html gives me that the hp6700 have that fx10pro graphic card.

785/J6700 V 64Matthew Zahorik says it works. See this for details.
the green V tells me that: " In green, V means that the test was successful (graphics mode)."
What graphic mode? So you can use a graphic interface on it with debian linux?? in that case how? why does the other sites say thats pretty impossible.. ? (http://www.pateam.org/list.html)

The thing is that I want to buy the computer if I can be able to install a graphic interface on it (X11 or something) otherwise i dont know what to do with so much power and only use it from a console, but if it could work with a graphic interface that would be the best workstation ever =)

I hope you are able to answer my questions and im very thankful for you taking your time and reading.

Best regards KA.

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