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HP 712 - No partitionable media

I have an old 712 that I am trying to install Sarge on, and I can't seem to
get past the disk detection phase.  Here are the steps I'm taking and the
results, following section 4.3 (Booting from network) in the PA-RISC HOWTO:

- I set up bootp/tftp on my existing linux box to serve up the lifimage from
- From the HP BOOT-ADMIN prompt, I use "boot lan" to kick off the
- The image loads, and it goes into low memory installation mode (I have
only 32 MB on the machine at this time).
- I configure my network and am able to connect to the debian ftp mirror to
get installation packages.
- On the install package selection screen, I select the network setup,
auto-partitioning, and SCSI support options, and those are pulled from the
- This is where I get stuck.  I reach the screen that loads up the
partitioner, and it errors with the dreaded "no partitionable media were
found" message.  My machine contains the standard 1 GB SCSI drive that
shipped in that machine, which currently contains an old HP-UX installation
(that I plan to wipe and replace with Debian).  The drive seems ok, because
I can boot HP-UX from it.

Is there a step that I have missed in getting the installer to recognize my



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