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Status of EISA bus with Mongoose.


What's the current status of the EISA bus?  I found this possibly stale
info on debian.org (http://www.debian.org/ports/hppa/systems), but from
looking at the parisc-linux.org list it appears that there was an effort
to get this bus working a while back.  Was it completed (partially or

I've got an HWP1850 NIC in an EISA slot on an 715/50 (Scorpio w/
Mongoose adapter) that I need to bring up.  Writing a simple EISA driver
allows me to read the board id and MAC off the card, but I'm not sure if
the IO or interrupts are working correctly.  With the latest 2.6 kernel,
do I have any shot of getting a driver to communicate with this card?


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