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Re: RES: State of XOrg in testing/unstable

On Sun, Oct 01, 2006 at 02:15:42AM -0400, Ivan Jager wrote:
> Then it will start cycling between:
> FLT 500B SYS BD bus timeout
> FLT CB74 SYS BD bad os HPMC cksm
> FLT CBF0 SYS BD HPMC initiated

To paraphrase, the chassis codes mean:
o Someone accessed an address that didn't respond.
o CPU timed out the transaction.
o HPMC == High Priority machince Check. Try "ser pim" at
  the firmware prompt to see which address it tried to reference.

> Pressing the (soft) power button causes a clean shutdown after which it 
> powers down, so it's not completely dead.

An HPMC means the box is dead from an OS point of view.
We can't access the IO subsystem after an HPMC and the
OS gets control but only attempts dump a tombstone to the
console (which might fail too).

Can you clarify what you mean by "clean shutdown"?

> I'm currently using the fbdev driver with the G200. I can't vouch for 
> it's stability, but it seems to be working.

wow! coool!


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