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Re: RES: State of XOrg in testing/unstable

Ivan Jager wrote:
> Can anyone else with an mga or radeon check whether it is in fact broken 
> on hppa?
> I'm currently using the fbdev driver with the G200. I can't vouch for 
> it's stability, but it seems to be working.

This is encouraging.

Haven't tried fbdev on Alpha with 7.1, but it was definitely broken with
an ATI card and 7.0.  Usually (but not always) it was broken *less* than
for the ati driver case in that I could at least switch back to a virtual
console tty and stop X11 without locking up the machine.  Somewhere near
7.0.23 with a 2.6.18-rcX kernel, fbdev would lock the machine solid.

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