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Re: Bug#342545: qt-x11-free FTBFS

The qt-x11-free package builds fine with a standard Debian setup.
Building with prctl --unaligned=signal makes the "bug" reproducible.

Christopher Martin writes:
> reassign 342545 libgcc2
> stop
> On Thursday 10 August 2006 00:25, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > It hasn't been, because I can't see any way that libglu1-mesa could
> > have anything to do with the failure in question.  libglu1-mesa
> > should not be a dependency of the tool that's failing with SIGBUS in
> > the build log.
> >
> > I would suggest that someone should investigate this further and get
> > a clear answer on the nature of the bug, because I really don't buy
> > that libgcc skew is to blame.
> Fair enough, but before I take off for the weekend, I'm sending this 
> report back to libgcc2, since it seems to have been established long 
> ago that this isn't a Qt bug, and it really should be assigned to 
> something in the toolchain. I note that, for a time, the problem was 
> thought to be in glibc, so perhaps the glibc team would again be worth 
> consulting.
> Cheers,
> Christopher Martin

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