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Re: my HP C3000 box wants a job!!!

On Sat, Mar 18, 2006 at 03:59:52PM +0100, Nicolas Limare wrote:
> Hi.
> There was an HP C3000 Visualize box that nobody wanted to use in my lab,
> so I installed Dedian on it, for the fun, just to see what it looks
> like. The netinst process went smoothly[1], and I was quite.. deceived
> to notice that Debian on HPPA looks very similar to Debian on my x86
> box... I was expecting something more exotic :)
> So, now... I'm wondering what I can do with this new machine...
> I know nothing about pa-risc architecture. What is it specially good at?
> My favourite apps would be number crunching, and image/video processing,
>  but anything may be woth trying.

FP performance was the strong point of this box at the time.
Roughly 2X of equivalent x86 machines at the time.

Graphics would be nice but HP can't/won't release docs for an
linux driver. Some drivers do exist for x86 machines using similar
HP graphics cards.

> So, what do you do with your HP box?

Developement machine :)
Some folks run SETI@home on their boxes just for fun.


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