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Re: Bug#353480: yaird: [hppa] /dev/sd* device nodes not created and eth0 not enabled

[Removed bug from CC]

> - linux-image-2.6.15-1-parisc      (2.6.15-6)
> - linux-image-2.6.15-1-parisc-smp  (2.6.15-6)

I saw it intermittently with UP 64-bit, always with SMP 32/64-bit, and
I don't recall seeing it at all with UP 32-bit.

*However* the fact that you see this is highly dependant on how many
drivers/subsystems are being loaded. The basic crux of the problem is
more netlink packets are being generated than can fit in the buffer
space (which is why udevd tries to setsockopt to make it bigger).

Because the setsockopt call fails, the buffer size stays small, and
boom, we get a problem. (Note, the default buffer size is different for
32/64-bit, because it's dependant on sizeof(struct sk_buff).


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