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Re: trying to update 712, but...

On Wed, Jan 11, 2006 at 03:28:38PM +0100, Michael Perkonigg wrote:
> If I write the file to a tape I cannot boot from it, it is in the search
> list but if I try to boot from the tape I am thrown back to the admin
> console without a word, if I write it to a CD I can boot but the updater
> thinks that the firmware data isn't loadable.

Did you write it using 2K block size?
I'm pretty sure the tape instructions indicate that.

I've updated enough 712s to know that process works.

> Anyone a guess or could send me a working file to upgrade my 712 to the
> latest firmware?
> 712/60, 96MB, tape drive is a Tandberg TDC 4100.

I'd be worried that the 712 firware doesn't want to talk to an
"unsupported" tape (or CD) device. Quirks in early SCSI implementations
limited the interoperability.

Netbooting the LIF image is generally much more reliable.
If "sea LAN" shows the server, that should be sufficient
to load/run the updater from LAN.


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