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trying to update 712, but...


I downloaded the upgrade file for my 712 to upgrade the firmware. This
is a shell file which builds the actual .frm file.
It seems to be built to run on HP-UX and I suspect it to not work
properly with Linux.
I get some error messages when starting the shell script:

gecko60:~/update# ../PF_C7120023
x - C7120023.text
touch: warning: `touch 0417072896' is obsolete; use `touch -t
touch: warning: `touch 0417072896' is obsolete; use `touch -t
Compiling unpacker for non-ascii files
/tmp/cc3CRVYS.o(.text+0x2c): In function `main':
: warning: the `gets' function is dangerous and should not be used.
x - C7120023.frm [compressed]
ERROR: wc results of C7120023.frm are 5518 29034 709632 should be 5518
22318 709632
touch: warning: `touch 0307160396' is obsolete; use `touch -t
touch: warning: `touch 0417072796' is obsolete; use `touch -t

I had a look into the shell script and saw that 'wc' and 'sum' are used
to generate numbers.
What would wc do better to check the file sum  can't?
sum seems to think that the file is correct but wc doesn't.
If I write the file to a tape I cannot boot from it, it is in the search
list but if I try to boot from the tape I am thrown back to the admin
console without a word, if I write it to a CD I can boot but the updater
thinks that the firmware data isn't loadable.

Anyone a guess or could send me a working file to upgrade my 712 to the
latest firmware?

712/60, 96MB, tape drive is a Tandberg TDC 4100.


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