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Re: Strange compiler behavior

Hi Randolph

Randolph Chung wrote:
Looks like you found a gcc bug. What happened is that g++ crashed
(SIGSEGV) while processing your file.

It seems to be only in g++-3.3. I tried with g++-3.3 and g++-4.0.2 and
can not reproduce the problem.
Perhaps you can try a newer gcc, or file a bug upstream with the gcc
developers. See http://gcc.gnu.org/bugs.html

Thank you for the help Randolph!!! :)

I've installed g++-3.4 from sarge archives, now I have another problem.
When I try to compile the same source with the correct string and includes I get a lot of undefined references, I suppose that it is due because LiveMedia libraries was compiled with g++3.3.5 (The default sarge compiler).

How can I test it?

Can I download the source code of LiveMedia and compile it from scratch with 3.4 g++ and do again the test with new liblivemdia.a library?

Thank You again!



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