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Strange compiler behavior

Hi PA-Gurus! :)

I've tried to compile a LiveMedia test program on my B180L with sarge and etch 2.6.12-1-parisc kernel installed.

If I give all the correct include all goes well and a correct executable is produced, the following is the working compile string:

bizzi@b180l:~/examples$ g++ testMP3Streamer.cpp -o testMP3Streamer -I/usr/include/liveMedia/ -I/usr/include/groupsock/ -I/usr/include/BasicUsageEnvironment -I/usr/include/UsageEnvironment -lliveMedia -lgroupsock -lBasicUsageEnvironment -lUsageEnvironment

But if I miss a couple of include dir I have a correct error generation and a strange message in /var/log/debug , the uncorrect compile string is:

g++ testMP3Streamer.cpp -o testMP3Streamer -I/usr/include/liveMedia/ -I/usr/include/groupsock/ -lliveMedia -lgroupsock -lBasicUsageEnvironment -lUsageEnvironment

and the /var/log/debug message is:


do_page_fault() pid=19583 command='cc1plus' type=15 address=0x000000ec

PSW: 00000000000001101111100100001111 Not tainted
r00-03  00000000 0036c198 0002570f 4062eaf0
r04-07  40014cb0 4062eaf0 0036c198 00000000
r08-11  003c1998 0039c198 0039c198 0036c198
r12-15  00000000 002ef000 0039e198 00036f4c
r16-19  bff8f908 0039e198 00000000 00000000
r20-23  00000000 00000022 00000001 00000000
r24-27  00000001 4062eaf0 00000160 0036c198
r28-31  40014cb0 00000000 bff90580 00162f37
sr0-3   00000000 00000006 00000000 0000012b
sr4-7   0000012b 0000012b 0000012b 0000012b

IASQ: 0000012b 0000012b IAOQ: 00025713 00025717
 IIR: 4a8301d8    ISR: 0000012b  IOR: 000000ec
 CPU:        0   CR30: 17f5c000 CR31: 103e4000
 ORIG_R28: 00000000
 IAOQ[0]: 0x25713
 IAOQ[1]: 0x25717
 RP(r2): 0x2570f


I've installed via apt-get the liblivemedia-dev paackage version 2005.04.01-1

Is this a normal behavior or I've found something strange? ;)

Thanks a lot to evrybody!!! :)



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