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Re: 712/60 LAN not working after kernel update to 2.6

On Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 02:46:07PM +0200, Schelstraete Bart wrote:
> After doing an ifup it's complaining that he couldn't find the device:
> 'eth0: ERROR while getting interface flangs: No such device'

This is a sign that the CONFIG_LASI_82596 driver didn't get loaded.
Can you run "modprobe lasi_82596" and see if that finds eth0 for you?

If it does, add "lasi_82596" to /etc/modules and life should be good.

> When I check the devices in the box , I can see that the kernel found
> the network card:
> --
> Found devices:
> ...
> 4.  Gecko Core LAN (802.3) at 0xf0107000
> --

Right - this is the kernel discovering the device - not the kernel driver
getting loaded to actually talk to that device.

Anyone know if the Debian-hppa 2.6 kernel depends on hotplug RC scripts
to load drivers for misc devices?

If so, then we would need a "parisc" hotplug script to load the
devices related to parisc devices like LASI apricot or HSC SCSI.


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