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712/60 LAN not working after kernel update to 2.6

Hello ,

As a lot of hppa users - I guess- I'm using an older 712/60 workstation.
In the past I installed Debian hppa on it , and it worked fine with the
2.4 kernel series.
Now, a few days ago  I finally upgraded the box to kernel 2.6, and the
machine boots. Which is already a start :)

But, after the kernel upgrade, the builtin network card doesn't work

After doing an ifup it's complaining that he couldn't find the device:
'eth0: ERROR while getting interface flangs: No such device'

When I check the devices in the box , I can see that the kernel found
the network card:

Found devices:
4.  Gecko Core LAN (802.3) at 0xf0107000

Can somebody help me with this issue?


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