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NFS root install


I was trying to install debian woody 3.0r4 and debian sarge on a nfs
root partition.
The installer from sarge didn't worked and in woody i managed to install
the system 
but the bootloader was not installed (there was a file on the cd called
- if i remember correctly) and i ended up with a system that is not
System is Visualize C3000 with 1G of Ram. 

Is there somewhere a lifimage for network boot because i tryed to used
the lifimages 
supplied with the cd but they are made for ramdisk and if i try to
change their parameters 
(via interact with IPL and change supply the kernel command line) the
kernel hangs and the 
command line seems to be truncated ?
Can i use palo to make a nfsroot boot lifimage on a HP-UX system ?



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