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Re: RFC: Updating hppa kernel-image packages

On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 03:47:51PM -0500, Kyle McMartin wrote:
> This is basically a call for suggestions for what I should backmerge
> to 2.6.8 from recent CVS. I will go through the parisc-linux-cvs archive
> again and try to pull what I can see, but I'd like a bit of help.

In case it wasn't already abundently clear, I'd like you to NOT backport
the IRQ changes.  I think they're stable now, but we don't have time to
fix any resulting bugs before Sarge.

> To help keep the lives of the debian-installer folks sane, I'm not
> going to honour suggestions to turn on/off various drivers, unless
> I get an explicit ok.

I'd like to be sure that the resulting images are suitable for booting
on all the machines that ought to work.  Here's a list of suitable test
machines and notes of what they have:

 - 712 (LASI serial, net and scsi)
 - C3000 (SBA, SuckyIO serial, ns87415 ide, sym2 scsi, Tulip net)
 - K450 (Mux serial, CCIO, zalon scsi, LASI net)
 - A500 (64-bit, SBA, sym2 scsi, Tulip net)

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