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RFC: Updating hppa kernel-image packages

[d-k copied about ABI[0] change]

The current crop of 2.6.8 kernel images in unstable and testing are
quite good, but a new upload is required to fix some security bugs
and some hppa-related bugs.

This is basically a call for suggestions for what I should backmerge
to 2.6.8 from recent CVS. I will go through the parisc-linux-cvs archive
again and try to pull what I can see, but I'd like a bit of help.

These changes can be categorized in two, ones which change the module
ABI, and ones that don't. 

To help keep the lives of the debian-installer folks sane, I'm not
going to honour suggestions to turn on/off various drivers, unless
I get an explicit ok.

[Non-ABI breaking changes] - The following are candidates for merging

	- Rebuild against recent kernel source for security fixes.
	- Grant pointed out some recent fixes he made to ccio and sba_iommu
          which fix memory starvation on low-memory machines with iommus.

[ABI breaking changes] - The following will wait until the next ABI
                         rev from kernel-source.

	- Disabling USB_DEBUG in all the configs. This was erroneously
          enabled and is disabled on all other architectures.

There seem to be a few security bugs waiting on a rev of the ABI as

	Kyle M.

[0] - for those following at home, the ABI of a kernel is reflected
      in the package name, like the soname of a shared library.

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