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Re: Postgresql 8.0.1

On Tue, Mar 15, 2005 at 11:15:54AM -0500, Jim Buttafuoco wrote:
> This is really strange.  If I run postgresql under gdb and break in
> the float4div function then I get the correct answer.  If I remove
> the break point then I get the wrong answer.
> I am thinking I need to do the kernel upgrade you suggested. 

Yeah - the kernel you had was *really* old.
I just want to rule out kernel FP-assist bugs.

> My only question is which one.  whould I pick the 2.6.11-pa3 32 bit on.

For the 710, that's sounds like the right one.

> What does the pa0 - pa3 mean?

We increment the -paN for every CVS commit and reset N to zero after
merging the latest "release" tree from linus. That way it's easy to
track which changes someone picked up from the parisc-linux CVS tree.


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