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Re: Postgresql 8.0.1

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 04:17:25PM -0500, Hughes, Gregory Mark wrote:
> Jim,
> I've been working with PA-RISC processors from the days of the 710.  I
> have never seen any processor related difference in floating point
> results using PA1.1 instructions.  There is the possibility of a
> hardware fault in your particular system

You are probably more aware which CPUs implement which subset
of floating point instructions. parisc-linux kernel might
still have bugs in the FP exception handling code for older CPUs.
I expect most testing was on PA7100LC (712/80) or PA7300LC (B180) CPUs.
ie later processors than what is in the 710 (PCX-S, IIRC) box.

It would be worth checking if you are in fact excercising that code and how. 
You have time to rebuild your kernel with #define FPUDEBUG 1
in arch/parisc/math-emu/drivers.c?

No promises that anyone will fix the problem, but without this info
no one can.


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