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Re: 2.4 -> 2.6

On Fri, Feb 25, 2005 at 05:47:14PM -0500, Harry Cochran wrote:
> 1. Copy the lines below into a file and put that on the J6000. I did this
> and it's in a file /tmp/mkinitrd.txt.

> 2. cd /usr/sbin (probably not necessary, but I don't know what a/mkinitrd
> and b/mkinitrd mean)

You'll have to cd /usr/sbin.

> 3. patch -p1 </tmp/mkinitrd.txt

> 4. apt-get remove kernal-image-2.6.8-2-32-smp (I had already installed it
> before I got this email)
> 5. apt-get install kernal-image-2.6.8-2-32-smp (this should create the new
> initrd.img).

This is fine.
> 6. double check palo.conf and run palo.

Yup. All you "should" need is initrd=X/boot/initrd.img, or similar, on
your kernel command line. It should look similar to this:

% cat /etc/palo.conf
--commandline=3/boot/vmlinux root=/dev/sda3 HOME=/ initrd=3/boot/initrd.img

> 7. reboot
> Sorry to be such a newbie, but I've wasted so much time on this that I would
> really appreciate it if you would double check me.

No problem.


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