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Re: [parisc-linux] [hppa cross compiler]

Hi all,
>> are there any cross compilers for hppa in Debian bundle? what do you
>use to
>> x-compile from non-hppa to hppa?
>> Thank you in advance
>apt-cache search is used to look for packages. Alternatively you can

I am pretty aware of this tools. The problem is that I have my workstations
at home. I need something usefull on my apple powerpc which helps me to x-compile
when I have free time to work on debian stuff out of home.

>use packages.debian.org. Use toolchain-source to build cross
>OTOH, looking at the official website would have showed you this:

that is something interesting, not a debian pkg

>Please avoid cross-posting when it's not necessary. debian-hppa is
>meant to discuss Debian hppa related matters (userland), parisc-linux
>is meant to discuss parisc linux *kernel* stuff.
sorry, as a newbie I recognize my limits :))


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