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Re: simple home mailserver

On Tue, 8 Feb 2005, Angelo Machils wrote:

> Since I have a subdomain from my ISP I can have as many of e-mail
> accounts as I want, but when I go directly to fetch the mail, it fetches
> everything. I would like a local mailserver on one of these HPPA
> machines which would fetch all the mail from the ISPs POP3 server and
> make it available to my other Linux and Win machines, so that I can get
> my mail and my girlfriend get hers, and probably some more accounts. The
> mailserver has to send the collected mail from all these accounts and
> machines back to the ISP SMTP server.

I think what you need to do is install fetchmail and then configure it to
pick up mail and deliver locally through an smtp server (eg, Exim, which
is installed by default). Then configure Exim to have your ISP's SMTP
server as a smart host to send all mail through it. That's what I used to
do when I had a similar ISP in the UK.

Cheers, Steve

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