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simple home mailserver

Hi there!

I'm new to this list and pretty new to Debian, so excuse beforehand the stupid questions :)

I have:
2 * 712/60 (both 96mb RAM and 8gig HD) and 1 * 715/33 (256mb, and 2 * 4 gig HD) standing around doing, well, nothing really at the moment, allthough Debian 3.0r4 HPPA is installed on all.

Since I have a subdomain from my ISP I can have as many of e-mail accounts as I want, but when I go directly to fetch the mail, it fetches everything. I would like a local mailserver on one of these HPPA machines which would fetch all the mail from the ISPs POP3 server and make it available to my other Linux and Win machines, so that I can get my mail and my girlfriend get hers, and probably some more accounts. The mailserver has to send the collected mail from all these accounts and machines back to the ISP SMTP server. Is this possible and what do I need and or do. Could you give me some tips to get me on the way or point me to a to-do site??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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