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Debootstrapping a K-class

Just got a K450 set up in the PA testcluster.  Unfortunately the CD-ROM
drive doesn't seem to be functional, so I wasn't able to try a d-i on it.
Here's some things that need to be fixed:

 - MAKEDEV doesn't create ttyB* entries (bug 293705)
 - /etc/securetty doesn't contain an entry for ttyB0
 - /etc/inittab doesn't have a getty for ttyB0

Here's an idealised version of how I did it.  I've left out the mistakes
and swearing:

 - On another PA machine on the same network, I ran debootstrap sarge sarge
   and then exported the sarge directory over NFS.
 - Edited /etc/securetty and /etc/inittab, created ttyB0
 - Booted with NFS-root, logged in as root
 - Ran fdisk to partition the gargantuan 4GB disc
 - Mounted the newly created partitions, ran debootstrap sarge again
 - Edited /etc/securetty and /etc/inittab, created ttyB0
 - Rebooted, this time with a SCSI root
 - Started fixing things like fstab and network/interfaces

Hope this helps someone else doing the same thing.  And if anyone knows
a good way of fixing the inittab/securetty problems, that'd be handy to
put in a bug report.

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