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Tag starvation with HPPA kernel

On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 12:31:38PM +0200, W. Borgert wrote:
> a colleague tried to install Debian on his HP712/60 with standard SCSI
> adaptor (whatever that is).  He used the d-i testing image of 2004-08-20.
> The d-i went smoothly until the creation of file systems.  The kernel
> output on the fourth console said:
> SCSI device sda: 8467200 512-bytes hdwr sectorrs (4335 MB)
>  p6 >
> adding swap: 191044k swap-space (priority -1)
> scsi0 (3:0) target is suffering from tag starvation.
> scsi0 (3:0) broken device is looping in contingent allegiance: ignoring
> After that, the system is stone dead.  As he tried also with two more
> 712/60s and also tried other d-i versions, I believe, there must be a
> fundamental problem.  Any ideas?

I think this is a known problem.

To get an idea of the numbers, can anyone who is affected by this mail
me privately with the number of machines affected, please. If you can
also give give me extra details, such as what machine and drive you
have, and what value of NCR_700_MAX_TAGS works, that'd be great!

For the time being, he may want to do what I do, which is to install
woody and then upgrade to testing.

The workaround requires rebuilding the kernel with NCR_700_MAX_TAGS
changed to 1 in drivers/scsi/53c700.h.

Perhaps this workaround should be used if a proper fix isn't found by
then?  Does the freeze prevent that?

BTW, this only affects my machine with the 2.4 kernel (not 2.6).  Does
anyone have this problem with 2.6 at all?
Stuart Brady

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