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Problem with SCSI on HP 712/60


a colleague tried to install Debian on his HP712/60 with standard SCSI
adaptor (whatever that is).  He used the d-i testing image of 2004-08-20.

The d-i went smoothly until the creation of file systems.  The kernel
output on the fourth console said:

SCSI device sda: 8467200 512-bytes hdwr sectorrs (4335 MB)
 p6 >
adding swap: 191044k swap-space (priority -1)
scsi0 (3:0) target is suffering from tag starvation.
scsi0 (3:0) broken device is looping in contingent allegiance: ignoring

After that, the system is stone dead.  As he tried also with two more
712/60s and also tried other d-i versions, I believe, there must be a
fundamental problem.  Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance!

Cheers, WB

Note: I can do further tests, but probably not before mid-October.

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