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Re: framebuffer broken on 712 using kernel >> 2.6.4

On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 09:52:32AM +0300, Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> 2) all 2.6.x since 2.6.5
> The PA-RISC Tux appears.  Everything within the lines it occupies is
> a clean pitch black.  Bootup messages start on the last line of the
> penguin, overlaping its legs.  Messages up to "Gecko-style soft power
> switch enabled." scroll on below.  Messages following that appear on
> the feet of the penguin again and are all printed there, without
> scrolling down.
> Once the "INIT: version 2.86" message appears at that location, things
> magically resume a few lines below the powerswitch kernel message,
> starting with the "Setting disc parameters: done." message and scroll
> down, eventually making the penguin scroll off-screen.

Try it with:

STI_CONSOLE=y              (STI text console)
DUMMY_CONSOLE_COLUMNS=<c>  (Initial number of console screen columns)
DUMMY_CONSOLE_ROWS=<r>     (Initial number of console screen rows)

Where <c> is the screen width (in pixels) divided by 8 (E.g. 1024/8=128)
and <r> is the height divided by 16 (E.g. 768/16=48).  (These options are
under "Device Drivers" -> "Graphics support" -> "Console display driver

I don't know whether you actually need sticon itself, but you need to
choose in order to set the columns/rows.  Perhaps that's a bug.

Hope that helps,
Stuart Brady

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