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Re: Bug#263139: gnomemeeting_1.0.2-4_hppa: FTBFS: undefined reference

On Fri, Aug 13, 2004 at 01:50:13AM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> > g++ -Wall -g -O2 -o gnomemeeting callbacks.o gdkvideoio.o gnomemeeting.o connection.o endpoint.o menu.o toolbar.o pref_window.o sound_handling.o videograbber.o config.o ldap_window.o main_window.o gatekeeper.o ils.o misc.o chat_window.o druid.o urlhandler.o vfakeio.o tray.o tools.o lid.o codec_info.o -Wl,--export-dynamic  -pthread -L/usr/X11R6/lib /usr/lib/libesd.so /usr/lib/libaudiofile.so /usr/lib/libgnomeui-2.so -lSM -lICE /usr/lib/libbonoboui-2.so /usr/lib/libgnomecanvas-2.so /usr/lib/libgnome-2.so /usr/lib/libpopt.so /usr/lib/libart_lgpl_2.so /usr/lib/libpangoft2-1.0.so /usr/lib/libgtk-x11-2.0.so /usr/lib/libgdk-x11-2.0.so /usr/lib/libatk-1.0.so /usr/lib/libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so /usr/lib/libpangoxft-1.0.so /usr/lib/libpangox-1.0.so /usr/lib/libpango-1.0.so /usr/lib/libgobject-2.0.so /usr/lib/libbonobo-2.so /usr/lib/libgconf-2.so /usr/lib/libgnomevfs-2.so /usr/lib/libbonobo-activation.so /usr/lib/libORBit-2.so /usr/lib/libgmodule-2.0.so /usr/lib/libgthread-2.0.so /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so -llber -lldap /usr/lib/libSDL.so -lopenh323 -ldl -lpt ../lib/.libs/libgnomemeeting.a -lpthread -lz -lm /usr/lib/libxml2.so -lresolv
> > connection.o(.gnu.linkonce.r._ZTV16GMH323Connection+0x1f0):/build/buildd/gnomemeeting-1.0.2/src/connection.cpp:123: undefined reference to `H323Connection::OnUserInputInlineRFC2833(OpalRFC2833Info&, int)'
> > quoting Craig Southeren, you could try this to fix it:
> > >Craig: Obviously the functions exist in the header file, because you
> > >would have got compile errors if not
> > >Craig: So these are linker problems
> > >Craig: Here is something you might try
> > >Craig: I can see the linker line has this:
> > >Craig: -lopenh323 -ldl -lpt ../lib/.libs/libgnomemeeting.a 
> > >Craig: It should be:
> > >Craig: ../lib/.libs/libgnomemeeting.a -lopenh323 
> > >Craig: Otherwise you may get the kind of problem you are seeing
> > >Craig: The order of libraries *is* important under Unix
> > >If this will work, we'll prepare a new upload to fix this issue.
> > I think you should try. Alternatively, you could post the question to
> > the debian-devel mailing list.
> No, this won't work.  The error message shows connection.o is the object
> file containing the unresolved reference.  All of the libraries are
> listed on the linker line after connection.o.  This means that *none* of
> the libraries listed here provide the missing symbol, and reordering
> them will have no effect.

 Which is quite strange, as any other arch has compiled it fine, with
 exactly the same line (I have only compared with ia64, but...)

 And using 'nm -D' on hppa openh323, shows that all those symbols are
 present (example):
jose@gimli:~/devel/hppa/usr/lib$ nm -D libopenh323.so.1 | grep OnUserInputInlineRFC
00bc4e50 T _ZN14H323Connection24OnUserInputInlineRFC2833ER15OpalRFC2833Infol
00bcb04c W _ZN14H323Connection34OnUserInputInlineRFC2833_PNotifierC1EPS_
00bcafec W _ZN14H323Connection34OnUserInputInlineRFC2833_PNotifierC2EPS_
00bca1b8 W _ZN14H323Connection34OnUserInputInlineRFC2833_PNotifierD0Ev
00bca138 W _ZN14H323Connection34OnUserInputInlineRFC2833_PNotifierD1Ev
00bcb0ac W _ZNK14H323Connection34OnUserInputInlineRFC2833_PNotifier4CallER7PObjectl
00f5e7e0 V _ZTIN14H323Connection34OnUserInputInlineRFC2833_PNotifierE
00e5c3c4 V _ZTSN14H323Connection34OnUserInputInlineRFC2833_PNotifierE
00f5e7a8 V _ZTVN14H323Connection34OnUserInputInlineRFC2833_PNotifierE

 I'm completey lost with this issue, and having gnomemeeting compiled in
 hppa is quite important for having a new version of all other related
 packages in Sarge, as there are some RC bugs only solved in new

> The problem lies elsewhere.  One possibility is that libopenh323 was
> built with a different C++ compiler on hppa than the one being used for
> gnomemeeting.

 openh323 (version was compiled with this toolchain:
 Toolchain package versions: libc6-dev_2.3.2.ds1-15
 linux-kernel-headers_2.5.999-test7-bk-16 gcc-3.3_1:3.3.4-7
 g++-3.3_1:3.3.4-7 binutils_2.15-1 libstdc++5_1:3.3.4-7

 gnomemeeting (1.0.2-5, which uses the above openh323 version) was
 compiled with this toolchain:
 Toolchain package versions: libc6-dev_2.3.2.ds1-15
 linux-kernel-headers_2.5.999-test7-bk-16 gcc-3.3_1:3.3.4-9
 g++-3.3_1:3.3.4-7 binutils_2.15-1 libstdc++5_1:3.3.4-7

 There is only a bit diference in gcc.

 Any help here will be appreciated.


P.S: Sorry for the crossposting. Please, mail at least the bug with replies (#263139)

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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