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Needing help with hp9000 e25

hi you all!!

I recentrly have a HP9000 E25 server. The one who gave it to me, have given 
it without HD, RAM,CD-ROM. Just a huge CPU. I found a scsi HD, a scsi CD-ROM, 
and edo memory (64Mb) for it. But my question is...

It has no keyboard or vga connectros.....i asked ans someone toldme it needs 
a serial console attached to it by the mux connector......but is seems it 
also need a device that splits the mux in several serial ports...

This architecture is very much new for me...

The question:

1. What kind of terminal i need? (can a IBM InfoWindowII be usefull for it?)
2. Is there any way of connect the console directly to the mux connectro 
avoiding the divecie that splits it into several serial ports?

Well thats all

Thank you very much

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