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Re: sadc and flock

> RTFM...but it doesn't solve the problem:
>        -L     sadc  will  try  to  get an exclusive lock on the outfile before
>               writing to it or truncating it.  Failure  to  get  the  lock  is
>               fatal,  except in the case of trying to write a normal (i.e. not
>               a dummy and not a header) record to an existing file,  in  which
>               case sadc will try again at the next interval. Usually, the only
>               reason a lock would fail would be if another sadc  process  were
>               also  writing  to the file. This can happen when cron is used to
>               launch sadc .  If the system is under heavy load,  an  old  sadc
>               might still be running when cron starts a new one. Without lock-
>               ing, this situation can result in a  corrupted  system  activity
>               file.
> In general, this box does NOT get heavily loaded. It's a FTP/HTTP server
> as well but only for local, internal (.cup.hp.com) traffic.
> MRTG shows 5 minutes avg outbound is < 500KB/s during peak usage.
> So I'm still looking for other explanations.

glibc version please? Can you get straces of thos sadc processes as they
run? To see where the last one gets stuck?


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