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Re: Failure installing to L2000

Hi Mike,

Mike Shapp wrote:

I'm trying (for the fourth time) to install Debian 3.0 to an HP L2000
with no luck.

I run successfully in smp mode a recent kernel (a 2.4.23-pr9-pa13 :) don't look for, it is a merge of mine) on a L2000 :) but I never installed directly from a cdrom :(.

May I  presume that you are using debian-3.0 release 1?
I never test this release 1 but otc I frequently use release 0 with success [seems to be still available at <http://ftp.ie.debian.org/debian-cd/3.0_r0/jigdo/hppa/> ] .

btw: pay attention to boot a 64bits kernel (I think it was the case; it would crash before that point in other case) and may be first to install a UP release.

Another solution could also be to try to install a recent net-install iso cd. Yes I know you don't have network connection to complete the install. But it would already install a minimal system that you can complete by adding either pre-release of sarge's cd [eg. ftp://ftp.hu.debian.org/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial/sarge/] or woody by adding those cds in the list of your pkg source at the install or later with 'apt-cdrom add' :)


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