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Re: Partimage: Problem with sched_yield()

Ruediger Scholz wrote:

Joel Soete schrieb:

Yes, another tips, which I experiment with squid pb, is to re-build your app with option -ggdb. Then run this app under gdb (or ddd) and when it 'hung' type Ctrl-C: gdb would so point exactly on the line code :)


OK, here are some news. I tried this tip and... voilà. It runs without any problems (so far).

Nice to read :)

I will to some more testing regarding backup and restore. But so far a rebuild with current libraries will do I think.

Surely, because it was very similar to the problem I met with pthread and squid with glibc 2.3.1 some time ago.

Environment was debian testing, package source was fetched via 'apt-get source partimage'. Compile was done using gcc-3.3.2.



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