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Re: HP-UX Veritas VxFS

>>>>> "David" == David Douthitt <ssrat@mailbag.com> writes:

David> Initially I thought that this would be no problem, but then I
David> realized that the HP-UX partition table is probably
David> unsupported.... or is it?

Yeah, it's unsupported.  And so is the HP-UX LVM ondisk format.

losetup -o is your friend :)

David> Presumably, if the partition table can be read, then FreeVxFS
David> would be enough to read the disks - I was surprised that VxFS
David> is not included in the basic Debian/HPPA install.

There are many versions of VxFS.  The one in HP-UX is a fork of VxFS
v2, while almost everybody else out there are using v3 or v4.

The v2 format is not currently being understood by FreeVxFS.  So no,
you can't mount it.

Martin K. Petersen      http://mkp.net/

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