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Re: Kernel compiling

On Tue, Jul 01, 2003 at 09:18:53AM +0200, Alexander Bartolich wrote:
> The default kernel installed is 2.4.17, but there is also a 2.4.18 on CD 1.

So much stuff has been fixed in 2.4.20 since the woody release.
If you have to mess around with kernel builds, please don't
start with anything older than 2.4.20 sources available with
the kernel-image-2.4.20-32 hppa package.
(or -smp or -64 or -64-smp.)

AFAIK, 2.4.21 kernels are currently only available from cvs.p-l.org as
noted below and those seem to work fine (for me, apache/proftp).

> None of them provided autofs or smbfs so I tried to compile the kernel.
> The shipped /boot/config-* looks authentic, but the supplied kernel
> sources refused to be compiled, just like a 2.4.21 from www.kernel.org.

it's possible to toolchain has changed since those were built.

> It seems that the HPPA port of kernel 2.4.x is not fully integrated with
> Marcelo Tosattis tree. Instead you need the sources from
> http://cvs.parisc-linux.org/download/

right. But it looks like hppa should be in 2.4.22 whenever that's
available. kudos to joel soete for helping make that happen.

> They work out nice, by the way. Is there any special reason why so few
> modules are shipped with the standard image?

no one has asked the package maintainer to enable more modules.
Check the 2.4.20 config files and send patches to the maintainer...
your lovable, furry, DPL, none other than Bdale Garbee. ;^)


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