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Re: Real question about K260-EG

On Fri, 27 Jun 2003, F. David Sinn wrote:

> So I found the info on getting the floppy netboot for the K series, but my
> office is a sea of non-Linux, so I don't have a boot server to use (unless
> someone has pointers for setting up a Windows version)....
> Any ideas or pointers on how I can get this box converted?

I have done it once using only Windows.  I tweaked with our MS DHCP server
(the one that comes with Win2k server) to give out proper bootp packets to
the hppa box, and gave it the ip of my windows workstation which was
running a simple tftp server.  It is called Tftpd32, available at

I could give you more detailed hints if you have trouble.

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