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Real question about K260-EG

Given the rash of spam that has hit the list recently, I thought I would
actually ask a real question.

I've got a K260-EG sitting in my office and I'd like to get Debian on it.  I
have Debian CD's that I burned back in January, that don't look to have the
serial port fix on them (crashes if I default boot on the serial console,
dies at the "console switch" if I tell it to boot the alternate serial or if
I try to boot with via the EG graphics).

So I found the info on getting the floppy netboot for the K series, but my
office is a sea of non-Linux, so I don't have a boot server to use (unless
someone has pointers for setting up a Windows version)....

Any ideas or pointers on how I can get this box converted?

On a side note, does anyone know if the built-in EG graphics are supported



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