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glui 2.1.0.beta-2 not being built.


 >      * glui (2.1.0.beta-1 to 2.1.0.beta-2)
 >           + Maintainer: Marcelo E. Magallon
 >           + 21 days old (needed 10 days)
 >           + out of date on hppa: libglui-dev (from 2.1.0.beta-1.0.1)
 >           + Not considered

 The database contains build logs for the following versions of glui:

    * 2.1.0.beta-1 (latest build at Oct 1 19:46: maybe-successful)
    * 2.1.0.beta-1.0.1 (latest build at Apr 25 00:02: maybe-successful)

 can someone please kick the autobuilder or tell me if something is
 missing?  I don't see glui in the output of quinn-diff.


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